Mobile Responsive Design

Consumers are now searching for products and services on Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TV’s.

aboutIn fact if you only have a standard website, it won’t work properly on a mobile device and and you will lose customers.

Responsive web design ensures your website will work at its best on all devices including Smartphones and Tablets. Smartphone and Tablet computing has taken over the word, the latest research show that consumer adoption in the UK in 2015 is that:

  • Smartphones use has grown from 7% to 70%
  • In March 2015 Tablet use was at 30%, and this will continue to increase

Figures indicate that by the end of this year Sales of tablet computers are due to overtake personal computers that’s 84.1m tablets sold in the fourth quarter of 2015, against 83.1m PCs.

What’s driving this rapid growth in mobile web, is that consumers are searching for products and services on the go. Customers now want the convenience of accessing the online services on a mobile browser from any location, such as home, work, libraries, schools, coffee shops or any other place with wireless Internet access. In fact more people browse the internet on Smartphones than on PCs (Fact).